Hi! I'm Renee. Lovely to meet you.

You are probably wondering what a "wetreat" is? Let me tell you. A wetreat is when "we" join forces to create a super epic retreat experience for our tribes. Meaning, we make big magic happen. Like, big, BIG magic.

And in those moments in life when the stars are aligned and everything is super synchronistic and life just hands you your hopes and dreams on a silver platter, the only answer is yes. Like a cosmic, YES. Like, let's do this kinda yes.

So, if this is the vibe you're getting from me here and you are one of the following below, then we should probably talk. Like, a lot. So let's connect!

  • Yoga Teacher 
  • Healer (ie Energy Worker, Reiki Practitioner, Shaman, etc)
  • Breathwork Practitioner
  • Meditation Teacher
  • Writer or Author
  • Chef
  • Filmmaker or Screenwriter
  • Coach or Speaker
  • Creative of any kind
  • Or you simply want to co-create an epic, wellness retreat with us 
To connect email me at om@rarewellnessretreats.com. Also, if you want to get a little social or learn more about us, you can find us on Instagram @rarewellnessretreats.

Looking forward to connecting and be in touch soon : )

With Unconditional Cosmic Love,

Founder and Co-Creative Lead
Rare Wellness Retreats