Are you ready to co-create an epic Sailing Yacht Wellness and Yoga Retreat with Rare?

Hello and welcome aboard! Firstly, we would like to thank you for choosing to invest your time and energy in Rare Wellness Retreats. We greatly appreciate both your time and your energy, and understand that you and your tribe have numerous amazing experiences you would like co-create. So thank you for choosing Rare.

Next, so that we do not waste either of our most precious resources (time, energy and gold), let's figure out if the stars have aligned and we are destined to be together! So if you can answer yes to one or more (preferably more) of the questions below, then this is definitely destiny! So here goes.

  • Are you interested in co-creating an epic seafaring experience in an iconic destination for you and your tribe aboard a beautiful and luxurious sailing yacht in the Mediterranean, Caribbean, Bahamas or British Virgin Islands?
  • Do you and your tribe enjoy trying out new and exotic cuisine created by a fabulous, super yacht chef?
  • Do you find that you and your tribe are interested in healthy food and a health oriented lifestyle and/ or vacation?
  • Have you and your tribe chartered sailing yachts or sailing catamarans in the past? 
  • Would the perfect sailing holiday include daily rituals, yoga, meditation, breathwork, healthy food, detoxifying juices, ceremonies, wellness workshops and more?
  • Are there some high vibey, go with the flow and mindful people in your tribe who love to sail or would love a seafaring or private sailing vacation?
  • Do the words joy, kindness, gratitude, bliss, abundance and unconditional love align with some of your tribe? 
  • Do you and your tribe love a good, watery, Treasure-Island-like, seafaring adventure? (Buddha knows we do!)

If the answer was yes to a most of the questions above, please email us at or fill out the form below so that we can begin co-creating an epic, sailing yacht wellness and yoga retreat for you and your tribe. 

Thank you again for sharing your time and energy and we look forward to co-creating the most epic sailing yacht wellness and yoga retreat the seven seas has ever known for you and your tribe.

With Unconditional Cosmic Love,
Rare Wellness Retreats